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"The Top Secret books are great! I used them last year with my 8th grade algebra class, along with some other resources, and after having my kids answer some survey questions, they overwhelmingly thought the Top Secret book was the best resource we used to review for Core 40. They felt that the summarized topics and examples were instrumental in reviewing things they had forgotten. Two years ago 60% of my kids passed Core 40, and this past year 90% passed! I will definitely use these books again! Thanks for putting together such a great resource!"
8th Grade Algebra Teacher
"YEEESSS!!! When I heard the results of my 8th grade Algebra I Core 40 End of Course Assessment scores I was ecstatic!! 96% of my students had passed. I had all of my students purchase a copy of your book so we could use it as a review tool in the classroom. I assigned homework from the booklet and discussed the various types of problems during class time, and your booklet was used concurrently with our textbook. My students did a great job on the Core 40. Two years ago my student average was a 48% pass rate. Last year 66% passed. THIS year 96% passed. We give you and your Top Secret book all the credit. Our school will definitely be ordering copies of your book again this year! Thank you so much!!!"
Patty Butler
8th Grade Algebra/ Pre-Algebra Teacher
Frankfort Middle School, Frankfort, Indiana
"We used your materials for after school remediation class for some freshman students, in Geometry, that had not passed the Core 40 the previous year. All of the students who completed the Core 40 passed the Core 40.

You have excellent and prompt service. We like your internet videos, I recommended them to students and parents. The materials are good preparation for the Core 40, and the questions closely resemble those on the Core 40 tests.

The only complaint I might have is there were several errors/typos in the materials, but I also understand they were new and you were trying to get them out fast. If I do remediation again, I will use your materials!"
Mrs. Diane Wilson
Math Teacher for 28 years!

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